Press Release

Dear Client,

We are delighted to advise that Singapore Post (SingPost) through its subsidiary Famous Holdings Pte Ltd (FPS Singapore) has acquired 80% of the shares of Rotterdam Harbour Holding B.V.

In December 2012 SingPost acquired Famous Holdings Pte Ltd and its subsidiaries in Japan, Australia, Malaysia, USA and China. Subsequently, the FPS Group United Kingdom agent F.S. Mackenzie Limited and Famous Pacific Shipping (NZ) Limited were acquired by Famous Holdings in June 2014 and January 2015 respectively.

Established in 1858, Singapore Post was listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange in 2003. SingPost has now been awarded the best performing postal company in the world for past 6 consecutive years managing over 60,000,000 pieces of mail per month. The Company has market capitalisation of approximately USD 3 billion. SingPost is investing in the logistics sector, as this forms part of their strategy to engage in the fast growing e-commerce market.

This development will bring Rotterdam Harbour Holding significant resources to grow and add unique advantages for our clients. However, there will not be any changes with Management, Staff or overseas agents as a result of the transaction. Both Jean-Paul van Munster and Evert Braam remain as shareholder and Director of Rotterdam Harbour Holding B.V.

The team at Rotterdam Harbour Holding B.V. take this opportunity to convey our sincere thanks for your support and pledge our assurance that we will continue to deliver a highly professional, personalised service to your company to assist you to achieve your mission.

Yours truly,

Jean-Paul van Munster